Sunday, 16 March 2014

Still no evidence in investigation into the Won Hong Kim/Elvin Penner passport scandal

Tonight there is very little new information on the criminal investigation into the Won Hong Kim/Elvin Penner passport scandal. Penner, the former Minister of State with responsibility for immigration, has been fingered by nationality officers who say he pushed Kim’s nationality certificate through without supporting documentation. Penner also signed Kim’s nationality certificate and signed as recommender for a Belizean passport for Kim. Kim, a South Korean national, has never been to Belize. Quite shockingly, News Five has confirmed that Penner has still not been called in for questioning, and the only place he’s been seen recently is on FB sipping Mexican beers. Exactly one week ago Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal issued specific directives to CIB detectives investigating the Won Hong Kim/Elvin Penner passport scandal. There are two charges being considered under Section one seventy-eight of the Criminal Code, both of which are indictable and neither of which is subject to a period of limitations. It is anticipated that investigators will meet with the Director of Public Prosecutions early next week for a progress report to determine the way forward where Mr. Penner is concerned.

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